In Need Of A Raccoon Repellent?

Do you suddenly find yourself in the need of a raccoon repellent?  The first experience with raccoons is usually not all that bad. They are definitely cute creatures, fun to watch, and it's fun to have them watch you as well, as for instance, from outside  your glass patio door. Having a raccoon visit one's yard is the closest thing to a wilderness experience many people ever have.

If a single raccoon feels welcome in your yard, its relatives may soon follow. Suddenly one evening, you see mom and several of her kids peering in at you through the patio door, undoubtedly looking for a handout. People do feed raccoons, often but not always without incident.

Where Do They Stay At Night?

You may think a family of raccoons romping in your back yard is fun to watch. No need for raccoon repellent here, since they seem to be behaving themselves. It might however be worthwhile checking under the porch to see if they've set up housekeeping there. Proceed with caution though. A raccoon may feel at home inside your house, but you certainly won't be welcome in theirs.

If there are none under your house, or heaven forbid, in the attic, all is well, or so it seems. Then one day the raccoon family stops playfully running around on your lawn because they suspect there are grubs living under the grass. It's pretty amazing what a family of raccoons can do to a nice lawn overnight. You may hear some grunting or growling outside of your bedroom window, or you may hear nothing. It's what you see in the morning that's the shocker.

Even The Swimming Pool Isn't Safe

If it's not the lawn or a flower garden, it's the tropical fish pond, which suddenly is devoid of fish life. It really doesn't take a single raccoon, or several raccoons, very long to clean out a pond fairly quickly. At least the swimming pool is safe, no fish in there to attract a raccoon. Raccoons love water though, and might just go for a dip in your pool. While in the pool there's a good chance they will pee, defecate, or a little of both. Raccoon feces are more often than not infected with roundworm. Now it's definitely time to see if there might be an effective raccoon repellent on the market.

If you think you can get rid of raccoons by scaring them away swinging a broom, forget it. Raccoons are relatively fearless. They aren't afraid of you, and they aren't afraid of your dog either. A very large and aggressive dog might be able to take on a raccoon successfully, but don't count on it. Sic Fido on a raccoon and Fido may never trust you again. A cat will fare even worse. Even you, armed with a broom, may get into trouble if you get between a mother and her kits. While smaller than a grizzly bear, a mother raccoon can be 40 pounds or so of unbridled fury.

Think Prevention

If you think ahead, you may not ever be faced with trying to get rid of the creatures. They are on your property because there's something about where you live that they like. If you lived in your car in the middle of a parking lot you will not see raccoons very often, as there's not much there to attract them. You can often avoid problems with raccoons by strapping the lids down on garbage cans, keeping dog or cat food indoors, and providing a good hiding place for your fish. A net over the pond may not work. Raccoons are very strong, and are good at taking things apart. It can also help to secure your house, which means covering up entrances to crawl spaces. If raccoons manage to gain access to the area beneath your house, they will probably decide to stay there.

Extreme Measures

You can shoot them of course, though probably not in the city, and you can trap them where the law permits. Use a live trap though, something that won't hurt your neighbor's cat or your own small dog. As far as purchasing an effective raccoon repellent is concerned, there are some on the market that you can try, but few if any of them actually work. Raccoons are not often repelled by the so-called repellents, which more often than not are simply ignored. The best way by far to get rid of these unwelcome creatures is to call a professional, who will usually take care of things in short order.

Get Professional Help

Raccoons are not easily tamed. Even if you let one in your house to eat a plate of cat food and it leaves on its own, it might some day decide not to leave. A raccoon is a wild animal, and it can be a very dangerous one. It's always best to keep your distance from one and get professional help to get them off your property. Even a professional uses caution in dealing with these animals.