What You Need to Know about Raccoon Deterrent

Whether it is to keep the creature out of your attic, garbage can or your chicken coop, having a reliable and effective raccoon deterrent is the key to eliminating this cute yet destructive animal from your home and yard.

Raccoons are one of the few creatures of the wild that are quite content to live around and interact with humans.  Many people entertain the idea of keeping one for a pet and there are a good number of them who actually do.  In fact, raccoons are one of the most recognizable animals of the wild.  Their distinctive appearance is one reason for this; grayish black fur, long ringed tail and the undeniable mask that gives them the appearance of the bandit that they are.  Their disposition is another; highly intelligent, clever and extreme dexterity are all definitions of this wily animal.  Probably the most defining feature of the raccoon is just that they are so entertaining.  Because of their nocturnal nature, many people do not see the actual antics of the animal in person but rather in nature and wildlife television shows or depictions of them in movies showing off their endearing traits.

This initial appeal to the small animal soon grows to dismay by those whose homes are visited by the raccoon.  Thievery is a characteristic quality; rummaging through trash cans, invading backyard gardens and chicken coops seeking their next meal.  Damage to the inside of homes is also a threat from these creatures as they form their dens in attics, chimneys and less populous areas of the house.  And, considering the fact that raccoons rate among the top four carriers of rabies and the transmitter of raccoon roundworm, their presence can endanger household pets as well as the human inhabitants.  For these reasons, it is wise to locate and use an effective raccoon deterrent to rid these creatures if you suspect they have taken up residence in your yard.

One of the most humane methods of eliminating the raccoon’s presence is to give them the impression that their biggest predator is also in the area.  The exact animal may vary depending on the geographic area but could include the fox, mountain lion, coyote, wolves, fisher cats, large owls and dogs.  Short of actually acquiring one of these animals, it is possible to simply imply that the animals live in the area by purchasing their urine and sprinkling it around the perimeters of your yard.  Because of the high intelligence of the raccoon, however, it will be necessary to vary the repellant from time to time.  

This method of raccoon deterrent may strike some homeowners as distasteful.  It is also possible to trap the animal, using a live trap in which the raccoon will become ensnared to be removed from the area and let loose elsewhere in a location far from the home.  Before investing in these traps, however, the homeowner must check with their local authorities to determine if this activity is legal in the state.  It is also crucial to protect yourself when using this method, as raccoons are quick to anger which will result in attempts to bite and scratch. 

The best way to handle raccoons is to make your yard as uninteresting as possible to the creature.  Keeping trash out of their reach, avoiding having pet foods or bird feeders outside are important ways to prevent them from coming to the area.  The animal will go where there is food to sustain it, so not providing this feature will help to keep them away.

Once raccoons have ventured into your yard, it is essential to find the right raccoon deterrent to eliminate them.  While they may appear cute and endearing, they present a threat to your pets and family that is best avoided.